Friday, July 31, 2009

32 CZARS? What's Next?

Will Obama have a Torture Czar?

So What exactly is this czar going to manage? Is he the one who decides how stale the bagels are allowed to become before they become war crimes? Does he determine if making the prisoners listen to NPR count as recreation time (that may be a contravention of the human rights commission)?

You know personally I would rather some one threaten to kill me or put a drill near my than actually kill me or stick a drill in my appendages… I wonder how many prisoners in Iran BEG GOD they were being held in US custody instead?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Should Obama Pardon CIA Interrogators?

What? Are you kidding me? Oh wait a minute .... NOW I get it. That's what this is all about, isn't it?! CIA operatives were *instructed* by President Bush, and the Democrat Party has been trying to impeach W since he became president. They promised his impeachment because President Clinton was impeached, and the liberals will never rest in their effort to drag President Bush down into the Clinton sewer.

Since their several attempts in propaganda tactics have failed, it appears they will now go through the CIA, hoping to prove that W acted illegally. Colin Powell's silence is very, very LOUD.

I assume Obama and Holder are not aware that their ignorance shines brighter every day. Neither of these jokers ever fought in a war or acted in ANY way to protect the citizens of this nation ..... yet they sit and accuse others of wartime crime. These two are nothing. They are nobody. We KNOW who the heroes are!

Friday, July 3, 2009

It should be the other way around: The CIA should ask Obama if he and his band of merry fascists want a pardon!

The CIA should not be investigated to begin with by this left wing political hack. Obama sets a very dangerous precedent when he tries to use the Justice Department to punish government employees for the policies of his predecessors. And then to further insult our intelligence, he uses the Clinton tactic of pretending that he has nothing to do with it. Holder works for Obama and he isn't pursuing this without the full backing of the White House. There is no limit to the treason these low lifes will commit in the name of political power. These are dark days for America.
If the democrats go after the CIA, the CIA should drop all of their defenses and let DC get HIT with an attack. Screw them. I'm sick and tired of the leftwingnuts trying to destroy our ability to keep the US safe. All of the politician in the DC Beltway better think twice before they attack our own CIA who will stop at nothing to keep them safe.
The MoveOn kooks would have a collective meltdown if this happened.Think about the hypocricy of their name in wanting to rehash this old ground.They want to tarnish the Bush legacy which is looking better all the time.Obama's tanking poll numbers are a result of the left leading him around by the nose.Holder had no business getting the AG job to begin with,with his seedy past but republicans were relieved it wasn't a totally weird left wing pick so he passed the senate.There's rampant criminality going on in this country right now with fraud probably being the biggest one that should be getting Holder's attention.The ACLU has been coaching these detainees on how they were abused. Perfect example was this Afgan kid who threw a gernade at two US soldiers being released because of supposed abuse