Where does one start at the beginning I guess.
His mother Hated America his Grandparents who helped her raise him were communist Hmmm.

All of his so called mentors and friends are Terrorist.communist American hating. Birds of a feather.

He has a socialist agenda he is tearing down America with the out of control spending. Taking over businesses

His affiliation with the corrupt ACORN group.
His inexperience the fact that he wasn't even qualified to be a senator let a lone a President.

His lies,transparent white house my ass.
Where is his certificate of live birth? Why has he spent over 2 million dollars to keep it buried.

Stood on foreign soil and had the audacity to criticize the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Bowed to a Saudi King? Didn't bow to the Queen of England
The list is endless And the American people need to wake up and shake up Washington.