Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Post On A Liberal's Blog. In Defense Of Glenn Beck

Dear Ms. Kenawe, Thank you for sharing your nonsensical concerns. Your last comment calling Mr. Beck a a**hole. was very typical of your leftist behavior.
I have read you blog and I noticed the YOU were one of the people that praised the Glenn Beck boycott. So you must have ben threatened by him weather you wish to admit it or not.. And that, nonsense that this commie creep led was something that people like you would grab on to as well as anyone that mentions the word "black" and turn it into a race issue.
Glenn Beck has done his research and no matter what color the president of this country is, this administration's policies are leading us away from the freedom that our founding fathers spelled out for us in the US Constitution. The USA has a Constitution granting us the right to free speech, an unalienable right, and THAT is what should be supported and encouraged by the likes of, not the silencing of opposing opinions. I trust that you will stand with those of us who support free speech as well, and reverse your decision on pulling your advertising on* the Fox Network and Glenn Beck's program. *Sarcasm* I know you wouldn’t support the FREE SPEECH for any right winger. I know your type. Hence your last post calling him that name that you do so often. And I want to thank you for your list of the sponsors that pulled their ads.
Because of that blog of yours, I wrote a e-mail to GEICO to inform them why I will no longer being doing business with them if they canceled their support for Glenn Beck.. I have great tenure with Geico and I will switch insurers if they did so. GEICO wrote me back assuring me that they have no intentions of dropping him.
I believe that Glen Beck has played a very important part in starting the Tea Parties, which led to the 912 project, which has informed hundreds of thousands of people what is really going on with this administration. I also believe as people continue to watch his show, the dissent from the Obama administration is growing bigger every day. The leftys are causing him a lot of trouble by accusing him of being the biggest reason for us, "the mob". I also feel that he has been seriously threatened. He was asked to speak in Washington on 912, but said he wanted to bring it to everyone on TV. This may be true or maybe he feels he is endanger. For all the truths, he tells day in and day out, for all the research, for all the smiles and tears you can tell this many really loves America. We need to stand by him in groves, so he can keep up the good work in keeping us informed.
Thanks Glenn for exposing the Corruption in this administration. Also kudos to Sarah Palin for standing up for America. I don't feel like this administration cares for anything only advancing their left-wing radical progressive agenda. Their followers are forth coming about their agenda. Too bad the White House isn't.

And what was Van Jones? Frankly, this self-described Marxist ideologue was very likely the most rabid racist ever appointed to a top position in a presidential administration:

Van Jones is a man who proclaimed that "white people pollute black neighborhoods."

Van Jones is a man who angrily came to the defense of Mumia Abu Jamal, the black nationalist death row inmate who cold-bloodedly gunned down a conscientious Philadelphia police officer.
Van Jones is a 9/11 "Truther" who believes that the United States intentionally bombed our own Twin Towers in order to justify an attack on innocent Muslims.

Van Jones is a man who declared, "Most of the people who die in police custody die not from drugs or some mysterious syndrome but from police abuse"

If any of that sounds familiar, it may be because Van Jones preaches the same sick gospel of racial hatred that Barack Obama eagerly sat under for more than 20 years as a contributing member of the Wrong Reverend Wright's Church of Black Separatism and Marxist Dogma.
It may be because so much of it echoes Barack Obama's own denunciation of "typical white people" and "people who don't look like us" during his presidential campaign. And it may also be because of Barack Obama's ugly attack on a good and decent police officer for "acting stupidly" simply for doing his duty.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GLENN, and also to RUSH, AMERICA LOVES YOU. Have a very pleasant day.

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