Monday, September 7, 2009

Congratulations To Glenn Beck

I guess that he WASN'T the Crazy one as he was portrayed on the liberal blogs after all.
In fact I think he should be getting a Pulitzer Prize for what he has accomplished.
his audience and sponsers are still growing. Beck isnt going anywhere.


  1. Beck may act like a bozo sometimes, but the man is right on deadcenter. He kinda of reminds me of a "Fool for Christ".

    Obama is so damned evil, that just the sound of his voice turns my stomach.

  2. Thanks for finding me and following. I do have another blog other than the one you joined. It is called grammasrightagain. You can find it on my sidebar.
    I totally agree with you about Glenn Beck. He did not back down at all in the face of adversity. He is very quickly becoming my new hero! I live just 25 miles from his home town and am thinking I need to go up and picket the mayors office in favor of him receiving the key to the city. The Skagit Valley news is portraying the population as being totally against his receiving it. The paper yesterday was full of letters opposing it without a single one in favor. I cannot bring myself to believe that no one at all has written in favor. Guess I better pull out the pen and paper and get busy!!
    Thanks again for joining me. We have to stay vigilant and keep the word going!!!


    and a BRAVO, to you SIR, great blog!

  4. Yes, big thanks to Beck for pointing this fella our,as well as some of the others, so we can put up the good fight.

  5. The righter and more effective Beck gets (and he IS) the more the media's treating him like the male Sarah Palin!
    I think that's a good thing! They're SCARED WITLESS.

  6. Lone Voice,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I appreciate it!

    Now, about Glenn Beck....I watched him for a time on MSNBC but found his style irritating. Frankly, I rarely watch any of the TV pundits as my time for watching television is limited.

    I never found Beck "crazy," however. And I liked the way he gave his guests a lot of uninterrupted air time.

    Then, along came his recent series of shows about the inside doings of the BHO administration. Incisive reporting and commentary!

    The left hates Beck guts, but the PEOPLE are tuning in to learn what nobody else will discover and trumpet to the world. Yes, he does deserve a Pulitzer for the service he's doing. Looks to me as if Beck is truly waking up more Americans than any other "right pundit."

  7. Way ta go Beck. One down...

  8. Passion from those of us on the 'right' is always labeled by the 'left' as 'crazy' or the 'kook' fringe...
    until we're proven right!...
    Beck rocks...