Saturday, October 3, 2009

What are Obama's priorities?

There are American men and women fighting in Afghanistan. They are in harm's way while they wait for President Barack Obama to decide whether or not to send more troops. Obama says, "I'll let you know in a few weeks."


Iran is testing nuclear missiles to ensure their range will strike Israel. More than 6 million Americans are unemployed, and the number is growing. A health care proposal is looming with mandates to these Americans and more to purchase this health care or face fines if they do not comply. An innocent young man, an honor student, was killed, for no apparent reason on the streets Chicago. This is not an isolated case, but all too common in this country.

What is Obama doing? He is off to Denmark to make a bid for the Olympics to be played in Chicago in 2016. What is wrong with this picture? What are Obama's priorities?

David Letterman is a Creep

I guess 'ol Dave Letterman thought if Clinton could get away with it, so could he. his chickens are coming home to roost. It's going to be very interesting to see how CBS handles this!!
Gotta wonder if Ole Dave
will still makes his snarky, unfunny comments about Sarah Palin or Dick Cheney. Guess that old saying "what goes around, come around" may have a point.
What do they call that again? Oh right SEXUAL HARASSMENT!
Anytime an employer or supervisor is having sex with an employee or person under their supervision, there is the assumption that the sex is coerced by threat of firing, promises of promotions or special treatment.It will be interesting if they go ahead and criminally prosecute old creepy Dave off, as you can bet that his lawyers are going to parade at a minimum all the identities of all the CBS ladies that old creepy Dave has bedded down for the last decade or so.
When a Democrat gets caught it's a mistake... When a Republican gets caught it's a felony! He can't say that this was satire can he!
To be totally honest, ordinarily I wouldn't care at all about a story such as this. But following as it does on the heels of his ugly, vile attacks on Sarah and her daughters, it has a certain appeal.

I don't give a hoot about Dave's flings with his staffers. The only thing that galls me is Dave's hypocrisy by casting stones at Sarah Palin and her family, President Bush etc.
He's a genuine CREEP!

Somewhere in Wasilla Alaska, there is a certain person that can't get the smile off her face. And I can't blame her.

Friday, October 2, 2009

The First Lady and Opra The Wale's Olympian Effort Falls Short

I guess that Affirmative Action only works in America. And that they havn't yet heard about Community Organizers in Copenhagen yet.
What amazes me is that these people thought their personalities and powers of persuasion were foolproof. Unless there was a major double cross on the Olympic Committee, this trip was the personification of Legends in Their Own Minds. What a Global Smackdown. The first couple are simply not a likable couple in Denmark. Add Oprah to the team and you get a pathetic threesome.
What's next? The
Special Olympics?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why Chicago did not get the 2016 Olympics

There may be 76 reasons why Chicago did not get the 2016 Olympics. One for every vote it did not get from the International Olympic Committee in the one round it bothered to consider America's latest failed bid for the Games. But there is one thing the theories about the reasons have in common. Arrogance. Good ol' American arrogance. Instead of dedicating three days and nights working the IOC members.
Arrogance pretty much says it all. If it wasn't the triple O's fault entirely, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Oprah! It was at least an embarrassment to hear them talk about themselves instead of the Chicago venues.
Lets see: Last year at this time, we had Americans fainting in the aisles over Obami's speeches. This year, we have people cringing at the three stooges who arrived in Copenhagen. Wondering what's changed in 1 year time?