Monday, August 31, 2009

Americans stand up against the tyrannical take over of YOUR health care

The ignorance of Obama and Democrats who are demonizing the American people in thinking that any government can borrow and spend its way out of a recession is dangerous. Their ignorance in thinking that the American people are stupid enough to just sit back and let them continue this AND take over health care forcing it down our throats without freedom loving Americans rising against this tyranny will also be their ultimate undoing.

Mr. Obama freedom demands that we as Americans oppose you. Freedom demands that we as Americans stand up against the tyrannical take over of YOUR health care and the deficits that you have created. Freedom demands that we as Americans protest at town hall meetings and any other opportunity in order to make our voice heard as we stand for Constitutional principles and liberty. Freedom demands that WE hold YOU accountable to us.

Mark my words Mr. Obama you will be accountable to us and this uprising by the people will not be quelled, it will not be stopped. You can flag us and investigate us. You can call out your goon squads and organize your mobs all you want. We know that we are still your boss and as your boss just as we have since the beginning of this great Nation we will not let tyranny stand.

We will not sit back and let you take over our health care. We will not sit back and let you bankrupt our Nation. We will not sit back and let you destroy our children’s future. We are the American people and we are the power and authority of this country and will prevail because freedom demands it and freedom will lead the way in our opposition to you and your tyranny.


  1. Please tell me more about yourself, hobbies and beliefs.

    Tom S
    Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70

  2. ty for the comment at WHT and KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT!!!

  3. I don't think health-care is gonna get passed and then the libs are gonna blame all us town-hallers. Lieberman says its gonna rocket up the debt, reason enough for even Dems to oppose it.

  4. I guess the tyrannical insuring of everyone's health forced you to leave England Lone Voice. Not that I get why you think everyone having affordable health care is tyranny mind you my friend from across the Atlantic.

    Success with you blog LV.

  5. You are no longer a lone voice. The sleeping giant has awakened and dare I say it, you are in the majority now. You have a great start with your blog. Keep up the good fight.