Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheney Fights back On Interrogation

Former Vice President Dick Cheney delivered another harsh rebuke of the Obama administration, calling the Justice Department’s new investigation into whether CIA interrogators broke the law "an outrageous political act” and questioning Barack Obama’s ability to lead the country.

“I wasn’t a fan of his when he got elected, and my views haven’t changed any,”
Well at least some one has the balls to say it like it is!
I agree with Cheney 100 percent... Obama is trying to destroy America. Whats it going to take to wake up America?
I am applauding every word he said. Yes there is discussion of waterboarding with most PC people against it. Which is fine. The problem is what Holder is doing is ammunition for those who would kill us. Of course this is weakening our national security! The extremists will be educated and know what to expect should they be captured. If they have info on an upcoming attack, say blowing up the Golden gate bridge, and we use methods acceptable to the PC left we will learn nothing and our children will be KILLED. See the truth for once lefties, you're continued search for a way to bash Bush is endangering American lives. Cheney mopped the floor with those idiots. Thank You Mr. Cheney for your many years of honorable service to your nation. Thank God Cheney was Vice President at a time when America was so viciously attacked.

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