Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'm Confused

Just over a week ago I posted about Luton's 3-month banning order on groups protesting against Islamic protests against the troops. Yesterday riot police broke up a mob of 200 Asian 'youngsters' after they threw fireworks at officers. (Youngsters??)

I'm confused because it's unclear from the BBC reporting whether the banned marches went ahead after all and this was a reaction or whether all the firework-throwing came from the pictured group protesting about something the police aren't aware of.

"There has been extensive public consultation and work behind the scenes to ensure Luton was not the chosen venue for any kind of march or protest but it would seem that for no apparent reason disorder has broken out in Bury Park."

Here's how Luton Today is reporting it. There were no other marches taking place on the day so it was just this 'small, unrepresentative group' of 'Asians'. Now I'm not so confused.
According to the Daily Mail, this man, Sayful Islam
'used to be' a moderate Muslim from Luton. I wonder what he is now

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