Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama's Healthcare Plan

Here’s a thought:

For years the Left has told us regarding abortion that women have the unassailable right to do with their body as they please. “Our bodies, Our Choice,” right? Now that the Left is demanding that the government be given control of healthcare, does this mean that they no longer believe in this supposed right? If the government can tell us, as Mr. Obama himself suggested, to take pills instead of having an operation, doesn’t that violate this “sacred” right the Left has insisted on so vehemently? If the medical procedure of abortion is a right, then why not grandma’s cancer surgery? Surely grandma has a right to do with her body as she pleases regardless of the societal repercussions, right?

With this particular government, I can go to a town hall meeting and express my opinion but my alleged representatives, up to and including the President are totally ignoring my voice and the voice of the majority of the people. And not only are they ignoring us, but they are calling us “mobs,” “nazis,” “functionally retarded” and worse. So sure, why not give my healthcare to a bunch of politicians who not only don’t listen to me but are actively trying to silence my opinion?

The majority of Liberals in Congress pushing single payer are rich. And guess what? They are so sure that Obamacare is THE answer to solve all of our healthcare problems that they have EXEMPTED THEMSELVES FROM IT. Not the biggest vote of confidence, wouldn’t you agree? If it’s so wonderful, why aren’t they eager to participate in it? If they’re not willing to participate, why should I?

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