Thursday, February 26, 2009

Michelle Obama Finally Proud of America After 44 Years

For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction.

Are you freakin kidding me? The woman is 44-years old. And this is the “first time she’s ever been really proud of her country”? Really? How horribly pathetic.

* I’ve been proud of my country every single day of my life. So proud, in fact, that I volunteered to go fight and possibly die for my country. I wasn’t even American and I enlisted in the US Army to fight terrorism.. And that was the single proudest moment in my life. Perhaps if Michele or Barack had ever done anything as selfless in service of their country, they would feel the same way.
* The life and death of SFC Paul R. Smith makes me proud of my country and the people who live and die defending it. Michelle Obama could care less.
* She was nearly an adult when the US Hockey team beat the Commies in 1980. No sense of pride during that, Michelle? Heartless bitch.
* No sense of pride for her country during the horrific tsunami at the end of 2004, and the way that the United States responded — both our government’s response and the generous millions of dollars in private donations —- to help the victims? No sense of pride in that?
* When I heard about Todd Beamer and the other passengers aboard United Airlines Flight 93 who rallied behind a cry of “Let’s roll” — I cried with pride for my fellow countrymen. Apparently Michelle Obama was unmoved.

I could think of thousands upon thousands of other examples of when I was bursting with pride about my country. I’m sure most of you could too. I’ll bet the most cynical and jaded amongst you have moments in your life where you were immensely proud of our country.

But not Michelle. It took Obamasiah and the cult of Obamania to really make her proud to be an American.
Michelle Obama’s statement was most unfortunate. Surely there are many more things to be proud of in America in the past a well as the present.
I would say, If you are not proud of being an American then get out!
What a ungrateful women.

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